Music Lessons

Who We Teach

All ages: Child, teen, adult, senior

All levels: Beginning to advanced, and audition / performance preparation

Where & When We Teach

STUDIO: in-person lessons

We are back in the studio! Now that COVID restrictions have eased somewhat, we are pleased to announce our return to the studio for in-person lessons. Precautions are still in effect--face masks, hand sanitizing/cleanliness, social distancing, no food / drinks are all necessary to maintain a safe learning environment for all. If you have questions, leave a message in the "Contact Us" section of this web site and we will contact you.

ONLINE: distance learning via Zoom

If you are not quite ready for in-person lessons, we continue to provide distance learning online. Joyful Keys provides online music lessons via Zoom video-conferencing. It is a simple process—all you need is a computer, tablet or phone with a camera that does video. Joyful Keys sends you an e-mail invitation for your lesson--then you log in and you are ready to begin!

Just as in the studio, your lessons take place on your pre-arranged day and time, but in the comfort of your home. Your instructor, Joy, teaches the lessons using her computer and piano. Your device faces your piano so she can watch your keyboard and hands as you play. Joy evaluates how you are performing and advises accordingly—just as she does in the studio. Music lessons online are engaging and effective as well as convenient. If you have questions, leave a message in the "Contact Us" section of this web site and we will contact you.

How We Teach

One-on-one lessons. Each student is an individual. What may be good for one may not work for another. We go at a pace that is comfortable and appropriate for each student—based on age, ability, desire and goals.

Are you learning music for enjoyment? Are you interested in performing? Are you involved in music at school and want to improve skills? Are you interested in music as a career? We will tailor your program to your specific needs.

We teach with universally recognized techniques. This includes learning how to read music, which enables you to advance to higher levels of understanding and performance.

We make it enjoyable. Learning music is an enriching experience—one that has the capacity to enhance your enjoyment of music and quality of life.

What We Teach

Piano, voice and guitar. We incorporate music theory (principles of music) into our piano, voice and guitar lessons. Please click on the button below for your topic of interest.

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Our Private Music Lessons in San Diego

San Diego Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

San Diego Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons

San Diego Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

San Diego Music Theory

Music Theory


Piano Lessons

San Diego Piano Lessons for young and old!

Acoustic piano is non-amplified. Sound is produced when the strings are struck by hammers.

Electronic piano uses electronic pulses to generate an oscillating signal. It is programmed to replicate the sound of an acoustic piano.

Synthesizer is an electronic piano that has been programmed to replicate (synthesize) the sounds of the piano and other instruments, such as percussion, horns, strings and woodwinds.


The piano produces the fullest, most complete harmonic sound of all the musical instruments. It is the most widely used instrument for vocal accompaniment. Because of its versatility, most composers and songwriters compose at the piano. Even those who compose on a computer create the sounds on an electronic keyboard.

The piano keyboard is laid out in a visually logical pattern. Because there is a physical key to identify with each note, the piano is an excellent instrument for learning the principals of music.

Once you know how to play the piano and understand basic music concepts, other instruments are generally easier to learn.

Recital Time! Piano Lessons San Diego Recital Time! Piano Lessons San Diego

Our instruction on the piano involves the following:

  • The keyboard
  • Body mechanics
  • Hand and finger techniques
  • Music reading
  • Rhythm
  • Pedaling
  • Interpretation and style
  • Musical periods and composers
  • Artistry
  • Practice techniques
  • Memorization methods
  • Performance techniques
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Voice Lessons


You need more than a good voice.

Producing vocal sounds involves use of the jaw, mouth, tongue, throat, vocal chords, lungs and diaphragm. To sing properly, these components must be well coordinated.


Proper technique is the key.

At Joyful Keys Music Studio, our teaching methods employ the correct techniques to enable you to produce the best sounds possible. Great singers are highly acclaimed not just for their natural talents, but for their excellent technique as well.

Singers have to work with others.

Proper vocal technique will help you become a better vocalist, and it will help you learn to harmonize, balance and blend with other singers and musicians. At Joyful Keys, we are experienced at training soloists and group singers for personal pleasure, school activities or public performance.


At Joyful Keys, we teach:

  • Principles of vocal technique
  • Breathing technique
  • Ear training
  • Diction
  • Music reading
  • Interpretation and style
  • Practice techniques
  • Memorization methods
  • Working with accompanists
  • Performance techniques
  • Vocal health
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Guitar Lessons


Acoustic guitar: The sounds of the strings resonate out of the box and are not amplified. There are two types: traditional steel string and classical nylon string guitars.

Electric guitar: The sound is electronically amplified. Popularized by Leo Fender in the early 1950s, today the electric guitar is the lead instrument for many music bands.


The guitar is considered one of the easier instruments for a beginner’s introduction to music.

At Joyful Keys Music Studio, we teach:

  • Proper playing position
  • Guitar tuning
  • Learning notes on the fret board
  • Right- and left-hand techniques
  • Reading music (notes and tablature)
  • Scales and chords
  • Theory
  • Improvisation
  • Playing styles — classical, rock, popular, jazz and others
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Music Theory


You need more than proper body mechanics.

We believe in teaching not just the mechanics of playing or singing, but incorporating principles of music as well. This lays the proper foundation for learning, understanding music and advancing.


Read and interpret sheet music.

Music is another language—to understand it and play it properly, you should be able to go beyond reading the notes. Knowledge of music theory enables you to read and interpret sheet music to achieve the desired effect of each musical composition as the composer intended.

Perform through interpretation, not just memorization.

Any instructor can teach you to sing a song or sound notes on an instrument. Music theory gives you a broader understanding of the principles of music. With it, you develop the skills to perform music through interpretation rather than through rote memorization. Theory also helps you learn to improvise and advance beyond playing compositions only as written.

At Joyful Keys Music Studio, our mission is for you to enjoy the process of learning music and to help you achieve your musical goals and dreams.

Depending on the instrument and the student’s level of skill and experience, we incorporate the following principles:

... ...
  • Music elements: melody, harmony, rhythm, color, texture
  • Intervals — comprehension and application
  • Musical notation
  • Sight reading
  • Chord structure
  • Scales and modes
  • Interpretation of form
  • Analysis of compositions
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Music Studio located in San Diego

Our students live in San Carlos, Del Cerro, Fletcher Hills, Lake Murray, Allied Gardens, La Mesa, Santee, El Cajon and in the SDSU & Grossmont College areas.